InteriCAD 8000


Installation Guideline For InteriCAD 8000

**Steps to Review Before Installing Intericad 8000:

- Check the compatibility of the windows with the Autocad version.

- Few different version of Autocad are allowed to install in a single Windows

**Note: Install Autocad first before installing Intericad 8000.

Installation in Mac

There are two methods for you to install YFCAD products in Mac.

Method 1:

- You should first install Boot Camp in your computer, and then install a Windows system in Mac. After that, your computer will have two systems. Then you should restart from Windows, and install YFCAD products in your computer.

- To know more about Boot Camp, please visit this webpage: CLICK!

Method 2 :

- First install a VM in Mac, and then install a Windows system in VM. After that, you can install YFCAD products in VM. But the speed will be slow in VM.

- To know more about VM, please visit this webpage:CLICK!

Installation in Linux

- You can install CrossOver Linux in you Linux system firstly, and then run CrossOver Linux to install YFCAD products.

- To know more about CrossOver Linux, please visit this webpage:CLICK!

 Installation Steps:



** Start Computer, double click the InteriCAD 8000 USB to open the folder;


** Double click the Start icon to run the installer;


**Click on the "Install System" button to start installation;


**Click Next to continue;


**Read and accept the license agreement, and then click Next;


**Choose "Complete" and click Next;


** Click Next;


**Choose the AutoCAD version and click Next;


**Click Install to begin installation;


** CLick Finish to exit;


**Next, click on "Install Library";


** Wait until the installation progress bar to reach 100%;


** Finally, click Finish to end.


** Plug in the Intericad 8000 dongle and start running the software.


** Input the activation code and click "Activate YFCAD Software".


**If you can see the dialog below, congratulations! You have activated InteriCAD 8000 successfully.

If you can't locate your activation codes,Please call 03-33775597 and look for Ms. Siah/Ms Tracy to get your codes and do the following:

Please go to My Computer/This PC > Local disk C > Intericad > menu > ModuleCode.exe, click Add and key in the codes row by row.


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