KD Max


Function & Features

What is KD Max? 

KD Max provides you with a new experience in cabinet design. It’s an ideal sales presentation and communication tools.

KD Max is specially made for cabinet manufacturing industry. The extensive library and features in KD Max will simplify your daily workflow, increase work effectiveness and efficiency, and ultimately impress your clients with your presentation.

With the help of KD Max, anyone can be a cabinet designer. 2 days training is more than enough for you to grasp the software.

How will KD Max Benefits You?

  • •  Design a perfect cabinet system in 3D within 15 minutes!
  • •  Easy to amend your design with the shortcut features.
  • •  Auto generation of quotation and detail drawing with a single click.
  • •  Minimize the possibility of human error.
  • •  Able to generate various presentations output instantly.
  • •  Fulfill the requirement of non-standardize cabinets design.
  • •  Unlimited updates on the online library from time to time.

Functions: Extensive Online Library KD Max is featured with an abundant library ranging from Cabinets, Doors, Carcasses, Accessories, Hardware, Kitchen Appliances, and Decoration Items. Moreover, users can customize their own style and design as well. With the new Online Library features, users can now create and share their design to other users and get the latest library updates when it is available.   Various Presentation Outputs KD Max is able to produce various outputs to serve different presentation purposes. Examples of these outputs are Photo Realistic 3D Perspective, Detailed Work Drawing, Quotation, Hand Sketch Drawing, Animation, 3D Anaglyph Image, and Panorama View. With the advanced Virtual Reality technology, designers could easily bring their design to life with KD Max. Floor Plan: Detail Drawing: Hand Sketch: Quotation: Perspective: 3D Glass: Panorama View:
KD Max User Testimonial “This software has enabled us to deliver our commitment in providing value-for-money kitchen systems. Our customers are very satisfied, as they can visualize the final product before the ‘hammer’ is lifted. Also, this integrated software has increased our work efficiency tremendously over the years. It has made us to be able to strive and sustain in the competitive market!”
Mr. KC Tan Managing Director of Signature International Berhad
“I am very impressed with the KD Max software. Not only is it affordable, but it is very comprehensive, versatile and user-friendly. The detailed and beautiful designs produced have impressed our customers and this has translated into more sales for our company. It is also a great tool that allowed us to customize to our specific modules and hence also communicate effectively with our production team at the factory thus reducing the production time. The excellent customer service, outstanding software and team, you guys have struck gold with this software!”
 Mr. Desmond Sivanesan Technical Manager of SCI Cabinet Industry Sdn Bhd
“KD Max is a very user friendly and easy to learn software. With only one week of training, even our senior designer can master the software and start drafting the perfect design for the customer. KD Max only takes several minutes to finish drafting the design. Just by clicking a few commands, we can generate the 3D Perspective of the designed layout for the customer to see. It is definitely a worthwhile investment in this software.”
Mr. Johnthi Marketing Manager of ORISS Sdn Bhd
“KD Max provides one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly tools that greatly assist our designers in their work. It's amazingly easy-to-operate and enabling us to generate stunning 3D visuals as well as detailed final working drawings. Our clients are satisfied that they are able to visualize their kitchen design within a short timeframe. KD Max has definitely fulfilled our needs and has set a new standard in our industry.”
Mr. Yeoh General Manager of Bofi (M) Sdn Bhd
“We are indeed satisfied with the outcome of KD Max software. It provides an extensive pool of library, high speed 3D rendering and good quality visual outputs. Now, we are able to draft the proposal within a short timeline. Client can fluently visualize their future home in 3D perspective. This has helped us to improve the communication between sales designer & client. Ultimately, our efficiency has increased and thus we are able to close the sales much faster compared to before.”
Ms. Ctze Wong Director of FINE Design & Décor Gallery

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