Function & Features

What is InteriCAD?

InteriCAD is a professional business solution for interior architecture and furnishing industries. With the latest cutting-edge technology, the software delivers a truly fast, impressive and accurate outcome which definitely able to shorten the sales cycle and ultimately boost a business.

For Who?

  • Interior Designer & Consultant; Design Company / Studio • Interior Architect; Architect     • Builder; Contractor; Carpenter; Decorator     • Furniture / Building Materials / Kitchen & Cabinet Manufacturers and Showrooms


  • Powerful design functions to increase work efficiency.     • Clear and concise presentation of design idea.     • Instant revision to enhance communication with clients.     • Various delicate libraries to optimize design works.

"Every time I present my proposal to my clients, they will be able to understand, visualize and approve the project easier. It has benefited me a lot in terms of production, time consumption, and good design presentation. I can say that InteriCAD is my partner to my success, so make it yours too. With this software, you’re in good hands and every design you make is a sure done deal. A lifetime investment I will not regret!"

Archt. Jessie C. Miranda, Licensed Architect of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)


“With InteriCAD, I can visualize my design proposal, or even pick out several popular designs and convert them into some beautiful scenes in iScan. This is especially useful when I meet my client for the first time, as I can show my proposal quickly and vividly in a more attractive way.”

Aidan Bennetts, Director of Aidan Bennetts Design



“It’s amazing! InteriCAD is really impressive and surprising me as I able to produce a perspective within 20 minutes where I used to spent 7 hours! Personally I love the incredible rendering speed! My customers always looking for something fast and good and I have no problem at all since the InteriCAD did help me a lot to get customer’s satisfaction.”

Chee Kai Meng, Director, Metafore Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)



"InteriCAD provide a solution to display many of my design in a very easy and fast way. I have been working very efficiently with the software. From my personal experience, you don't need to take long to master this software, it is very user friendly. With the minimum of time, you can produce quality work that satisfies and meets your customers' needs. I think everyone who has chosen InteriCAD is a winner, you win your customers with your design in the shortest period of time,"

FX Bambang S.N, Winner, Best InteriCAD 3D Award in IIDA 2011 (Indonesia) 



"InteriCAD's rendering speed has certainly amazed me"

Ma JianKai, Design Director, Jie Yang Interior Design (Taiwan)  


Demo Video


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