InteriCAD Lite


Function & Features
InteriCAD Lite is real 3D design software for professionals involved in the interior design field. From a quick floor plan to real 3D presentations, from presenting various color schemes to selecting from thousands of furniture items, you can meet the needs of your clients and yourself with InteriCAD Lite. You can always present your design idea in a vivid 3D view. InteriCAD Lite is also a cutting edge product presentation and space visualization software specifically designed to dramatically enhance any sales process that requires visualization. Client's own spaces can be beautifully and quickly rendered in 3D, showcasing the retailer's own furniture and design concept. Everything is customizable from fabric and upholstery to floor and wall coverings. Lighting effects can be adjusted to account for different light conditions at different times of day. The product ships with around 2,500 standard library items; we can then create your own personal library by modeling your furniture and adding it to the database. Automatic creation of 'walkthrough' video clips provides cutting edge visuals. For trial download of InteriCAD Lite, click here.


  • Fast and easy to use design tool for showroom usage
  • User-friendly 2D & 3D deisgn
  • Various ways to present design ideas
  • No CAD knowledge requires
  • Auto generation of quotation and furniture list
  • Photo realistic 3D perspectives
  • Special material effects & powerful lighting effects
  • Auto 2D to 3D conversion
  • Fulfill the requirement of updatable products and materials library


Intelligent 2D to 3D conversion technology
By its fastest speed of technology, a 2D layout plan of InteriCAD Lite could be convert into a 3D scene with just a single commnad. All users need to do is to create and design in a 2D layout plan and InteriCAD Lite will automatically convert it into 3D view.

InteriCAD create 2D
Advanced special materials settings
Special material effects like reflection, transparency, stencil, glossy and more can be realize easily and automatically through the convertion of 2D to 3D scene. However, if the materials effects does not fit user's preferece, modification could be done easily by adjusting on the effect settings available.

InteriCAD lite Material effects
Powerful lighting function
Various lighting effects can be easily created in InteriCAD Lite. Types of light source, wattage, direction, color and projection can be modified in a visible way. With few easy steps, users can get the lighting effect they desire.
Various Lighting effects in InteriCAD
Massive and updatable library
There are over 10,000 furniture, lightings, decoration, fabrics and materials available on YFCAD website. Hence, users could easily download and update their personal materials or products library from the web.

intericadLite over 1000 furniture

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Demo Video


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