Ceramic King


Function & Features

Ceramic King is a professional software solution in the tiles and building material industry. The software is specially designed for showroom sales of tiles, flooring, sanitary ware, and other building materials that can be used by anyone, even a layman. Ceramic King is also recognized as a very user-friendly and intelligent tool for design, communication and sale.

With Ceramic King, it can help users to present their products more attractively in vivid 3D scenes that allows customer to visualize the actual effect of the house decoration in advanced, thus increasing the showroom sales.



One day training to familiarize the software functions.


Convenient to import users product pictures in “.jpg” files into the software to create their own product library.


Massive 3D models, various tiling patterns, and powerful intelligent tool allow users to finish a design in just 10 minutes.
“Ceramic King provides flexible tiling design features which are user-friendly and easy to operate. Our customers are satisfied as they can visualize the design within a very short timeframe. With Ceramic King, it is not only improves salesperson’s efficiency but it has also set a new standard in this industry.” Mr. Tan Kian Teong, General Manager, Feruni Ceramiche Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)   "There is no other software as easy and productive as Ceramic King. With just 1 day training class and a few practices, we can start to design just like a professional. Added with the fast rendering speed of the perspective, we can shorten the sales cycle and serve more potential clients!" Ms. Kau, Branch Manager, White Horse Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)   "Ceramic King is a very easy to learn and use. Within a short timing, I can make a beautiful design to render. If a customer is interested in my products I will show him a quick design of the products and usually the sales closing rate will be more than 80%." Mr. Liu HaoHao, Showroom Manager, Monalisa Tiles (China)   "After we started to use Ceramic King software, our overall showroom sales have gone up. Not only the sales, our designers’ skills and performances have increased as well!" Interceramic, Mexico

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