Function & Features
Expanded over 30 countries and region around the globe, BtoCAD has been known as a highly cost-effective CAD 2D & 3D drawing program which is suitable for all industries that required a CAD platform for design. The industries namely are the manufacturing, molding, machinery, electronics, architecture, furniture and design industries. Based on the development powered by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) core technology, BtoCAD is an original and stable CAD solution recognized internationally. Parallel with the development of other existing CAD program, BtoCAD shares comparable commands and functions with other CAD pogram but with the lowest possible price. Also, with its high compatibility features, BtoCAD is able to process files in DWG format.   Recommended system requirements for BtoCAD are as follow: Operation System: Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista CPU: Pentium II or above RAM: 128MB or above Hard Disk: 100MB or above  
  • Fully original
  • Internationally recognized technologies
  • Great stability
  • High compatibility
  • Highly cost effective
  • Development based on industry needs
  • Regular updates
Funtions: DWG as Default File Format Apart from sharing resemble interface and similar controlling process with other CAD program, BtoCAD able to support and process DWG files in a great manner. With DWG as the default file format, users could import DWG files from other CAD program into BtoCAD. Secondary Development Support BtoCAD can support Lisp, ADS and VBA in secondary development. Lisp program AutoCAD can be applied directly; ADS code only needs to be reedited again while VBA code is fully supported. Similar AutoCAD Commands Complete with AutoCAD functionalities, BtoCAD shares the similar commands as AutoCAD. All the commands and short cut keys are similar to AutoCAD. At such, with the similar operating experience, users could easily get familiar with BtoCAD.     For more functions of BtoCAD, click here.


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