3D Software Customization


Function & Features
3D Software Customization is a  tailor-made services or system that custom to different specific business needs. It is an integrated business tool for the home furnishing and building materials businesses that encompass a system that could be linked from front line services to back end production. 3D Software Customization has been gaining popularity and have been employed by several major industry players such as Signature International Berhad, Nippon Paint Malaysia, Elyza's Window Dressign Specialist, Inovar Flooring, Alfo Lighting and more. Internationally, we are also the digital solution provider by several major industry players in France, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, China and many more. 3D Software Customization has set a new tendency in selling home furnishing products and building materials in the industries.
Features: Functions: 3D Design Tool Employing the latest technology, our software enables users to build 3D design and display 3D decoration. In a 3D scene, users can freely layout, replace and relocate any home furnishing products as they preferred. And more, the outcome of this 3D design will be in photo realistic form. With virtual reality technology, our software has given the 3D design outcome a finishing touch that is simply softer and closer to reality! 3D Electronic Sales Presentation Tool 3D software customization features an effective pre-sale design system that solves all problems. Showroom owners could get rid of showroom congestion problem. Also, salespersons could get rid the hassle of bringing along all the sample boards and catalogues during their presentation to clients. All your company products are preloaded into the software and ready to be show!     Material Costing System 3D Software Customization features an automatic creation of material usage and costing report function. With this auto-generated quotation function, users could eliminate the traditional manual quoting system. With just a mouse click, material usage and costing report could be developed.     Franchising and Production System Employing the latest technology, our software enables the development of regulate franchising system as well as production system for the home furnishing and building materials businesses. From sales order processing to back end production, scheduling, allocating, tracking and recording job are manageable at a regulate manner.     Dynamic Communication Tool with End User With 3D software customization, it is able to facilitate the communications between salespersons and customers. Salespersons recommendation could be conveyed through the 3D pre-sale design system; end users are able to get clear and concise purchase guidance through the visual experience. At such, customers can purchase their desired furniture without risk and get their desired furniture after several comparison made.

“Customized to our requirements, DesignCAD* has enabled us to deliver our commitment in providing value-for-money kitchen systems. Our customers are satisfied as they can visualize the final product before the ‘hammer’ is lifted. Also, this integrated customized software has increased our work efficiency tremendously over the years.

We strive to sustain our market competitiveness with DesignCAD!” 

* DesignCAD – the customized kitchen cabinet design software for Signature International Berhad


            Mr. KC Tan Managing Director of Signature International Berhad

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